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Hyundai getz

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Hyundai getz relates to the amazing brand Hyundai.
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I read many reviews of this car. I decided to write the answer.

In the life I had many cars. I will list the list of cars which stood in my garage earlier. Renault Logan 1.4. Mazda 3, Volkswagen Golf 1.6 Nissan X-TRAIL, Volvo XC90. I operated the cars long, I had a wide choice, I can estimate. I read answers of other people and was surprised. I had a question: Hyundai Getz has run of 70 000 kms. Nobody restored such car. It is possible?

I will tell one by one. I bought the last car from the dealer. The car chose quickly. I broke the car of Logan. I had no money. I was attracted with Getz's red color. When I left salon, I was frightened. THAT I bought: The top part of places does a sound. Lower part of the car is in bad quality. Noise isolation has a bad quality. Later I learned that my car has a shortcoming. This news disappointed me The engine has no protection on the left side. The engine had a good condition. It pleased me. I work in a taxi. I didn't take the document which has to be available for free repair.. I consider that this document has no validity. When the car passed 10 000 kilometers, I changed car details.

Hyundai Getz

In the winter the storage battery broke. I bought for $1000 for a shock-absorber rack which are established ahead. I bought assembled levers for $2000, I changed back racks of the shock-absorber. But in the car something knocked. The car became better. Wheels of the car worked well. On the highway the car went precisely. When the car overcame 60 000 kilometers, I bought a new belt. This belt is in the mechanism which distributes gas. I bought it, when the looking video movie which frightened me. When I on the car overcame 100 000 kilometers, bought a new bracket of a suspension and coupling. The keeping rack has to break soon. Transfer awfully worked. The other day fixing which held the device with which the muting seems, disappeared. It was similar to comedy plot. Two options of rubber are placed in wheels of my car. One for use in the summer another for use in the winter.

I will tell about quality of Hyundai Getz: the immobilizer antenna causes problems, the engine of the lock which is in center breaks in crude weather. During a cold season the Car works well. On the car disseminated through 170 kilometers per hour. To put the car in garage reached without towage.


  • The small car has a high speed
  • The salon of the car has a serious emergence
  • On repair not enough monetary leaves
  • Shortcomings:

  • The car has an average sphere

  • hyundai getz hyundai getz hyundai getz hyundai getz
    hyundai getz hyundai getz hyundai getz hyundai getz

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    Hyundai getz

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