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Kia picanto relates to the amazing brand Kia.
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A large number of new budget cars were considered, such as the Renault Logan, Hyundai Accent, Getz, Ford Fusion and other "pokemons":) (the name they received because of their size)

To cars with a higher class, such as Ford Mondeo, Hyundai Sonata, Volvo s60, Grand Charoki (note that the car was out of the competition as it is a jeep and by year of release, it is already more than 5 years), but once I note that the new car should be expected between 2 and 4 months, which is just not happy, and the vehicle class above with mileage - I'm sorry to entrust an inexperienced driver.

With all his experience in operating vehicles that were with me, as well as functions to be performed by the car that I was going to buy, I gave it to the KIA Picanto 2009 release, warranty, automatic transmission, air conditioning, 2 SRS (airbag security), heated seats, mirrors, MP3 player, leather interior, 4 pcs. power windows, mileage was 16,000 km., and even want to mention the main component - the price, it totally got me.

Kia picanto

Now, we discuss the most interesting.
Disadvantages car:

  • poor insulation wheel arches - I think this is fixable by setting the liquid locker;
  • No ABS as standard (in my car, too, it is not) - although it is not a panacea for various ills;
  • no fog lights (in any configuration, but for the old car they are present) - I want to say that this issue is solved with the help of money from a dealer or independently;
  • side reflectors can not send to the window, so it turns out that the flow of air blowing directly at the driver, that when the air conditioner is more likely to lead to colds, as a result, they have to send up or off and to use only the center;
  • The clock, which are located on the instrument panel is not 24 hours, hurt of course, but these nuances is already affecting the beauty;
  • side stand is very large and has a large angle, resulting in a motion in the courts of the driver must also reject his head for a better view.
  • The advantages of the car:

  • has good noise insulation roof, doors and windows;
  • can adjust the wipers pause (quite an interesting thing);
  • stove - heats up very quickly, so you do not freeze in the winter;
  • > acceptable air conditioning, I note that he also works well in the heat, that is, its capacity is sufficient;
  • good blower as the side windows do not sweat (in the rain rarely use air conditioning, only to dry);
  • engine power and an automatic transmission satisfy me completely, the car is very maneuverable in city driving;
  • consumption when driving in the city is 7.7 liters, that is, from filling to filling 28 liters - 360 km;
  • excellent suspension - good rigidity, resulting in well affect the car's handling;
  • Mirror - review is brilliant (when compared with the previous version of the car);
  • high ground clearance, short overhangs front and rear, with the result that there is a confidence when driving on a dirt road when I go to the country, and in the winter riding through snowdrifts;
  • compact trunk - if mother-in-law looks at it, then it will be gone forever desire to bring something to the country, such as plants, paint, potatoes in bags, etc. - But I did not tell her that the rear seat can be folded if desired;
  • out of space at the wheel - very convenient, because my height is 184 cm, I should note that by adjusting the driver's seat, I just can not fit behind the passenger seat, which is located behind the driver.

  • kia picanto kia picanto kia picanto kia picanto
    kia picanto kia picanto kia picanto kia picanto

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