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Kawasaki ninja

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Kawasaki ninja relates to the amazing brand Kawasaki.
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Most powerful motor cycle of Kawasaki to date, Ninja ZX - 14 sets the new standards of the productivity with the most unbelievable, quite-staggering acceleration that you tested some time.But yet more unbelievable motor cycle, magnificent dirigibility and easily controlled power do. Even linear traction in all range of power from idling to the red line. you do not need to be a world champion, to manage this motor cycle. Kawasaki Ninja But the question is not only about horsepowers, kawasaki Ninja ZX - 14 combines in itself the striking productivity of engine with the refined dirigibility and stability, brilliant aerodynamics and comfortable ergonomics, creating sporting motor cycle, that well will suit for journeys on large distances. More powerful a 1441 row four cylinders engine with a megascopic on a 4 mm piston stroke, the processed head of crankcase, bright-polished ports and more easy, strong pistons, assist increasing power in all range of turns. Against tug the system Kawasaki has three different modes (+ possibility of the complete disconnecting), allowing to manage with the wide range of travelling terms and controlled by a comfortable switch on the left handle.Quite new slipping coupling, limits the size of the reverse twisting a moment at braking and switching on the lowered transmission. Kawasaki Ninja

Fully the new exhaust system has the changed exhaust of peg-shaped and span-new construction of muffler for reduction of sound-level and troop landing of harmful substances.Processed aluminium frame - narrow, durable and hard. Span-new construction of the extended and increase pendulum, that allows to manage with the found engine of motor cycle power.

A gear-box is more reliable and lasting due to a new temperature condition and treatment of surfaces.For basis of the renewed design of basket aesthetic character of previous model is taken with the lid of back seat, that complements aerodynamic style and assists the best flowing around of air for the increase of comfort of driver and passenger.New 10-spoke wheeled disks, in general, easier more than on 3 kg by comparison to previous models; it diminishes weight of motor cycle, that assists the increase of dirigibility and manoeuvrability.

kawasaki ninja kawasaki ninja kawasaki ninja kawasaki ninja
kawasaki ninja kawasaki ninja kawasaki ninja kawasaki ninja

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Kawasaki ninja

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