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Renault twingo

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Renault twingo found on brand Renault - Twingo
Renault twingo relates to the amazing brand Renault.
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Honestly, I didn’t like the car so much so that I’m not even sure right now if I want to write this review. And if it wasn’t for my obsession with reviewing stuff you would have never seen this post.

This car or should I say – «Toad» - was in my property for a whole year. I didn’t like it right away — from the first sight. At the time I had some financial problems and couldn’t afford anything else. Among other things my previous car (Alfa Romeo) and I had just parted our ways. So, there was no other choice for me other than to purchase a Renault Twingo.

Renault Twingo

As soon as I got inside it I was immediately disgusted by the nicotine smell — the previous owner was a smoker. This fact made me not to like the car even more.
The inside of the car was visually ugly, not to mention the exterior «design» — I wonder who even dared to call this a design: the overall car body was painted red; the seats were upholstered in grey fabric; the door handles, buttons, various plastic parts were for some reason of light green color.

The car wasn’t equipped with a steering booster. The windows were operated manually. You would have to turn a handle to roll down a window — and all this is taking place in our age of nanotechnology.
The passenger compartment seems to not have been sound proofed at all. Apparently, following the same logic the manufacturer didn’t even bother to equip the car with a FM radio.

You wouldn’t like to take a second look at the dashboard — it was really far from eye – pleasing experience. In the center of the dashboard you could see the display showing the current speed of the car in big green numbers.

Of course I didn’t expect to find a conditioner at that point, although I did find a lever of some kind intended to maintain the climate inside of the car.
To tell you the truth, the car had its advantages. In spite of the small-sized car body the passenger compartment seemed pretty big. I’m not an overweight person so this fact didn’t really matter to me. The trunk was spacious too, but why? If you wanted to load up the trunk to the max, I’m sure the car wouldn’t even budge.

The gasoline consumption is extremely low — but even that fact didn’t make the car in my eyes any more desirable.

I was waiting for the car to break down so that I could with a clear conscience buy a new one. But to my surprise it kept working and working and working. Almost for a whole year I had no problems with it. Finally, the starter went out of order and the battery got flat. I was about to shout «Hurray» when the unrepaired details got replaced and the car was ready to go.

Some time had passed before my car began to show the signs of serious problems. At first the exhaust system started to fail then the car became incapable to picking up the speed over 40 m\h. Driving up the hill was the undoable. The compressor was dead. So I decided to get rid of it and buy a Jeep.

renault twingo renault twingo renault twingo renault twingo
renault twingo renault twingo renault twingo renault twingo

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Renault twingo

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