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Great wall hover relates to the amazing brand Great wall.
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Great Wall Hover was done by the Chinese quite recently. At least, the design of this model interesting (generally Hover very reminds the Japanese model of Isuzu Axon, but it is unimportant) very even. Thus, on a car it is pleasant to look from every quarter - he makes impression really serious off-road vehicle.

And only brand name emblem of company Great Wall and back nameplates all corrupt... Moreover, even at the attentive study of paint and quality of assembling of basket feeling of the durably done car does not disappear! In general, original appearance is this large dignity of Great Wall Hover (thank you for it; indeed, it is needed to say to the company Isuzu). Great Wall Hover And about Korean off-road vehicle forgetting is impossible too - they out value not far Great Wall Hover, and in quality of assembling and finishing of materials he is excelled far. At least, they do not have such plastic smell of new machine. And a salon is collected rather better. And Great Wall Hover all is woven from contradictions. From one side, the entrails of car are finished by a skin (far not the best, but nevertheless by a skin), but here a front panel is executed from the best not plastic. And besides and quality of assembling of elements of salon causes doubts (and it is not necessary to talk phrases "that you yet want for these money" is $27 thousand it is quite not pence).

A quite good liquid-crystal monitor is located in the center of front cantilever, however, at night his light blue illuminating from beneath with the constantly spring-elastic columns of the colored equalizer begins very quickly to irritate - there is such feelings, that sit into a fir-tree that blinks the garlands. And for this reason it is possible to predict with the large stake of probability, that in the future on Great Wall Hover in a salon anything necessarily will begin to creak(it at least). Great Wall Hover It is needed to do some work to the Chinese and above divisibility, although to require from a similar car the ideal passing of turns it would be funny in the controlled skidding. And no discounts will be brakes. They are indeterminate, and a driver is very difficult to understand when blocking (and she can come quickly, because brakes for "Chinese" are tenacious enough) came. In respect of engine, then to him claims did not arise up, especially if not to produce some large requirements (under the hood of Hover there is a 2,3-with a capacity of one the L. petrol motor) to the power aggregate. The representatives of Great Wall declared proudly, that he is done in a company Mitsubishi, however, actually this power aggregate is produced in China on the license of Mitsubishi (agree, it is not alone and too). This leaves us with the big question – is it worth buying Great Wall Hover? Definitely – this is not necessary.

great wall hover great wall hover great wall hover great wall hover
great wall hover great wall hover great wall hover great wall hover
great wall hover

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Great wall hover

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