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Toyota aygo

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Toyota aygo relates to the amazing brand Toyota.
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I bought Toyota Aygo right away as soon as she appeared on the market, because I heard and read positive of it. Prior to this machine I had Mathis - basically it was fine with me but I just wanted to raise their status)). And as soon as I got in my new car I immediately was amazed how I could ride on that old cart, comfortable car for five-plus, even at first thought that no matter what will not change it, but then so will change the baby on the baby. (since I travel mostly only in the city and did not want a big car). Has been almost 3 years as I have already bought and admiration from her not so much.

Toyota Aygo

I think the car just 2 lacks, but very significant.

  • 1. Proprietary 5-speed manual MultiMode. Because, when I'm in traffic, with stops constantly turn on and off - I quickly got used to it and the clutch is not too hot, not the machine beeps. But when the car is cold, it is strongly jerks when shifting in traffic jams when starting it too twitch. And I was very annoying. In the showroom told me that complaints about it many, many times appealed to the Japanese - they say, look at our tube's impossible to drive a car with a box - they just nodded, agreed and said we will do something, but came Auris with the same box. Therefore, if you were taking the car now, unequivocal would take a car with a manual transmission.
  • 2. The second disadvantage is the very small clearance vehicle in front. Skirt kept her several times. With it on good roads, not bad. Once hit a pothole on the road (as there was a pool and I have not noticed), Ford in front of me was normal, and I was left without a skirt)). The second time was in the spring when parking between the wheels was as a result of unmelted snow again I was left without a skirt.
    I also want to point out that inside the plastic creaking, if not pay attention to it like it is fine, but if you start to look at it, I was very annoying.
  • And now the good news.
    The car is indeed very comfortable. Even though my seat is pushed back to the end, in the rear seat can sit with an average growth. Classy review side mirrors. To name a small car ownership advantages: ease of parking, low fuel consumption, very dynamic. Despite the fact that it is less than Mathis, but inferior in agility on the road.

    Advantages of this machine can be listed and to list, but usually choosing the car you read about the shortcomings in order to understand what deficiencies for you the least significant. So read and think.

    - Compact.
    - Small turning radius.
    - Quickly gaining speed.
    - Confident behavior in bends.

    - Poor insulation.
    - Compactness becomes a disadvantage - a small luggage capacity, as well as only 2 seats in the back row.

    Good luck on the road!

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    Toyota aygo

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