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Skoda octavia relates to the amazing brand Skoda.
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In 2004 a company Skoda presented the second generation of Octavia. A car was generously rewarded by front-rank technologies that apply the German colleagues: engines with the direct injection of FSI automated 6-step gear shift DSG and new multilevel back pendant. A look turned out solid and respectable. An interior suffered the row of changes also. A new device panel and central cantilever appeared. Length of car is a 4,572 mm, widths are a 1,769 mm, and heights are 1,462 mm. Skoda Octavia After half-year after the debut of hatchback wagon of Skoda New Octavia Combi was officially presented in front- and full drive variants. A main trump of new wagon is an enormous luggage rack. A cargo bay contains from 580 to 1620 L. One of dignities of new Octavia is a loading height that was diminished from 696 to 674 mm. An interesting fact that the full-length «stepney» is not included as standard, as on the most European cars, but instead of her set the recovery is offered! The line of power aggregates consists of six engines: four petrol and two diesels. They are situated transversal and set fore wheels in motion. From a previous version a novelty inherited two petrol engines by volume of 1,4 L. (75 l. p.) and 1,6 L. (102 l. p.), and also 1,9-with a capacity of one the liter turbo diesel TDI(105 l. p.). To them added two «Ford» petrol aggregate with the direct injection of FSI by volume of 1,6 L. (116 l. p.) and 2,0 L. (150 l. p.) and another turbo diesel TDI by volume of 2,0 L. and by power 140 l. p. Depending on engine power 5 is offered in a «standard» - or 6-step mechanical gear shift. And as an option it is possible to order a 6-step «automat» or automated gear shift DSG. The last is accessible only for turbo diesel version. Skoda Octavia All New Octavia is equipped by the system of side diagnostics of EOBD (European On board Diagnostics). Principle of her work is based on the analysis of composition of working gases. If maintenance of harmful substances exceeds possible norms, a red control lamp lights up on a device panel, and information about disrepair is saved in memory of computer, which facilitates subsequent diagnostics on ONE HUNDRED. A car got a new independent pendant: front with the bars of McPherson back – four levers (before behind there was a semi pendant). A steering booster gave place to adaptive electric, which changes effort on a steering wheel depending on speed. Also, the car Skoda Octavia is nowhere to competitors, making new items, produced by the manufacturer, unique and not less interesting.

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