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Subaru impreza wrx

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Subaru impreza wrx found on brand Subaru - Impreza
Subaru impreza wrx relates to the amazing brand Subaru.
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«Subaru Impreza WRX» is a car with an engine power of 265 horsepower, equipped with 5-speed, manual transmission, all-wheel drive 50/50 with a lockable center differential. The machine is equipped with 8 airbags, climate control, xenon headlights, power windows, heated wiper zone, 6 disc sound system, velor interior.

It should be noted that the landing of people with growth of up to 2 meters - convenient. In this case, the driver's seat and front passenger seat is not enough lateral support and lumbar support, which is not equipped with a function adjustment. Armrests in the doors covered with leather. Second armrest between the seats - strongly pushed back, so it is inconvenient to use, when changing gear. Car wheel - leather, perfect diameter for a car of this class. Visibility car designers thought fairly good, and mirrors extend the review. In this case, a relatively high trunk impair vision, so the developers had to provide a rear view camera.

subaru impreza wrx

The instrument panel has large icons - pretty easy to read the driver, special attention should be located in the central part of the panel - the tachometer. When you open the car door arrows light up with white appliances. The only negative - the inconvenient location of the buttons off the system, which makes the car from skidding. Thus, each time for this procedure have to look under the steering wheel. Rather, it should be positioned on the center console. It is worth noting that there is no button lights folding mirrors - hard to find in the dark. Adjusting the climate control system is carried out using three wheels and three buttons inside. Such functionality - quite comfortable for the driver, as you can quickly set up the system to the required operating parameters.

As for the car «Subaru Impreza WRX» worth noting that the space in the cabin for the "C" class - enough, a lot of space above the head and rear passengers. For the driver's seat could easily fit tall basketball player. The trunk is not large and low. Car owners say that a small amount of luggage - creates problems for the transport of necessary luggage, and the trunk lid is closed, jarring. One gets the impression that the designers did trunk is thoughtlessly. Spare wheel for the car - full, with a luggage compartment capacity to provide warning triangle, tow rope, first aid kit, fire extinguisher 2 liter pump, jack, 1 liter of engine oil, a small number of instruments - and thus the trunk empty.

It is worth noting the high quality of Japanese manufacturers on doors with double elastic (thresholds car stay clean, while there easy closing doors).

Clearance of the car is 155 mm from the lowest point at the threshold. Transverse roughness significantly damage thresholds.

On the basis of the performance of the car is worth noting that the fuel consumption in winter - 25 liters in the summer - 20 liters per 100 kilometers (95 uses gasoline). Motor is warming up very quickly, and the stove - quite effective (at - 20 degrees outside, the car is hot.)

subaru impreza wrx subaru impreza wrx subaru impreza wrx subaru impreza wrx
subaru impreza wrx subaru impreza wrx subaru impreza wrx subaru impreza wrx

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