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Seat ibiza relates to the amazing brand Seat.
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I want to tell you the following story. When I moved to Italy, 1 liter of gasoline cost 04.01 euros and 03.01 euros diesel, so I needed a reliable and economical car, which I could use in the city and on the highway. The most popular cars in Italy are Golf 5 and the Fiat Grande.

Fiat Punto. Golf for me was definitely expensive option, but the Fiat Punto is the best option. That's exactly why we bought this car. In the market we met five door version 2009g.v. 1.2 8v with 65 hp and for a decent price. Buying a car with his wife accepted fine: beautiful machine with simple characteristics and beauty.

Ride in a car for 2 months and have been on for a long time, if one day I rode on the new Seat Ibiza 2009. 5 door, 1.2i 12v 3 cylinder 70 hp, tires R15. I was delighted with the car! As soon as I got in the car, I immediately felt its sporting character: the car is made for the driver! Scale devices in wells, white light with red arrows, low landing (seat height adjustable up to you). In general, everything is much higher than in the Fiat: plastic interior, seats. The size of the car, I want to note that Fiat is not suitable to their class, the designers wanted to make it a good size, but in the end turned out as always. Ibiza is less than Fiat, but when you sit in it and feel the interior as if you "hug." Virtually all parts of higher quality than Fiat: algorithm wiper, lighter location, seating position, the process of opening the tailgate. Fiat to pressing a button on the key fob, the lid bounces a bit, and then open it as you like, though Climb hand between the bumper and the cover, though mazh hands. SEAT to have to click on a beautiful large icon with the letter S (seat), in particular at its upper part, while the bottom is formed handle. Beautiful, comfortable, and most importantly clean.

seat ibiza

In operation for Fiat lamp lights that indicate a fault lights. Although everything was in order. When I came to the service, it looked its experts, smiled and replied without thinking: Qesto perche l'italiana. This translated means: It's because she is Italian. The idea was such that it is normal for Italian cars can ignite something that is not the case. That was the reason for selling the car. I quickly sold it and bought the same money Ibiza.

As for the speakers. Three cylinders and 70 hp can work wonders. 2 times I opened the hood to make sure that the volume is 1.6 or greater. The machine starts to get under way with the lowest speed. 8 valves and the same amount in the Fiat were enough to drive on the motorway, as well as in the city, but the ride is not caused nor any emotion. Me going and going. Ibiza at once pleased with the high-spirited behavior. My garage is under the house, and exit from the insanely steep rise of about 45 degrees along the arc. Car I never warm up, started and drove off. So Fiat almost stalling when lifting. Very clearly there are 5-speed manual gearbox, adjustable short, clear, with a thud. I had a Toyota Celica, sound like, and there is an exemplary case. Ibiza on the freeway accelerate to 150-165 km / h Aerodynamics, engine power, handling - all clear. Fiat at more than 130 km / h had no desire to go. Both cars weigh the same (about 1075 kg). But on the track Ibiza much better account of itself. In turns Ibiza too surprised, for a subcompact mediocre complete more than worthy. Consumption, the city I was 7.5 - 8 liters. On the track 5-8 l. at a speed of 100-160, respectively. German engine more powerful. At 130 km \ h - just 4000 rpm, which I consider the normal range. Cut-off in 6400 approximately. After traveling on motorways at speeds of 130-160 oil level has not changed.

seat ibiza seat ibiza seat ibiza seat ibiza
seat ibiza seat ibiza seat ibiza seat ibiza

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Great car much fun driving i owned one for 3 years 1.2 porsche system, a suprise in a machbox
2012-11-22 06:34:29
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Seat ibiza

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