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Audi a2 found on brand Audi - A2
Audi a2 relates to the amazing brand Audi.
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Good day! The car was purchased from a carrier directly from Belgium a year ago, during the year I has accumulated some experience that I want to share with people planning to purchase. I must say that the car was bought on impulse - My wife and I went to watch Golf / Polo / Megan and there we saw it and… only night for raising money and at noon the next day we were happy owners.

The car was taken for my wife for each day to travel or to work and on weekends to go to the country and back to the ring.

In general, were very pleased in many ways, of which follows: - Comfort - above average, all good quality, quality and functional, one word German and not just German it is- AUDI; landing - in the car did not fall - and sit - very high landing! Which is convenient for road above average, all good quality, quality and functional, one word German and German and easy - AUDI; landing - in the car did not fall - and sit - very high landing! This is comfortable on the road. - Capacity - despite belonging to the "baby" in the cabin is a lot of space – we were checking, so two men growth of 180 and a weight of 100 :) sat in front and behind of the car - elbows do not touch :) - But the rear seat and belts are only for two!

- Service – platform - GOLF – the engine from the same place as a consequence, all spare parts and consumables are from VW too, which as you know is much cheaper than native AUDI, there are many excellent but not original parts, there are of course, the specific details (such as tie rod) which are original, and then have to fork out but not catastrophic. Repairing (of savings), you can safely at Skoda and VW service. - Driving - speed: on the road with confidence can go 180, while its "cruising" is 120-140. acceleration - it is not speed that is exactly, and on a traffic light you will not make anyone, but its 1.4 (75hp), it is more than justified, even when compared with the relative (golf) is somewhat weaker - as weighs a little more), the maneuver in the parking lot. Gasoline consumption in the city of 7.6 liters of 95. - Body - Individual respect for producers - Aluminum and plastic - can rest and when it is left on the street and in the garage when it is wet, you will not afraid corrosion. audi a2 Disadvantages - Clearance - quite low, homemade speed bumps – doesn’t like - pulls the bottom. - The car is high, which is convenient when getting in and driving, but not comfortable with a strong cross wind on the track, the car drives slightly - There are no problems with major parts, but with the family parts will have to tinker with - but they are made to order - 7-14 days. - Heard from the guys in the club Audi A2 in St. Petersburg, that with body parts normally are no problems but delivery up to 3 weeks. - Sores - a common problem VW passat, bora, Audi TT, A4-8 - G-sensor 200 (responsible for the ASC system) for failure disables ABS and beeping at each establishment machine. The problem is solved simply enough - the replacement sensor (4-5 thousand rubles. Plus work in 1000) but is not complete (12 thousand +2.000) important to find a sensible master who experienced this, the official will pull a lot of money before they do it. Audi A2 is really unique that is very unusual, non-trivial form of rather cheap serviced, attracts attention, comfortable and reliable as a premium German. The fans of high-speed racing and maneuvering it is not suitable as fans carries a lot of things. In Russia it costs 14-17 thousand depending on the year (2001-2005) and a complete set, and it will justify the money and will serve you faithfully for many years.

audi a2 audi a2 audi a2 audi a2
audi a2 audi a2 audi a2 audi a2

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