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Honda v65 magna

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Honda v65 magna relates to the amazing brand Honda.
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honda v65 magna honda v65 magna honda v65 magna

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Tom L. (Elverson, PA )
About photo #3
I've been riding V65 Magnas since 1988. Been on many 3-day and 10-day road-trips on them. I think it's the ultimate long-road bike. As shown in the pic, you can put a pack behind you and lean back while stretching your legs out to the highway pegs. It's like being in a easy chair that is also a land-bound rocket, because the raw acceleration and passing power you can tap from that V4 all day long on the interstate is shit-giggling wonderful. I always find that on the interstate I have to beat this thing in order to make it do less than 90. The bike in this pic is a well kept beauty and has a nice aftermarket seat. Now imagine that seat lowered by about 3 inches...cooler Harleyesque looks and you sit deeper IN the bike. After 40K miles, I got tired of the stock was too high. So I took the fabric and foam off and rode the plastic pan for 3000 was more comfortable than the stock seat. Then I took the bare pan to an automotive upholsterer and had him put on 1 inch of hard foam and cover it with black vinyl. Total cost $25. It's 3 inches lower than stock, very comfortable all day and gives the bike a much nicer cruiser profile. I have thought of committing adultery with a VMax on occasion, but I just don't like the way it sits..too high. As for pure acceleration, after 29 years, there is still no low-in-the-ass cruiser that's even in the same league as the V65 Magna. Of course, that's because all these current large displacement cruiser engines are thumping twins, and because they're all in packages that weigh 700 to 789 pounds. Ya think these new cruisers are fast, like the 1900 cc Vstar Raider? Ya wanna feel real shits and giggles? Try a V65 Magna. If Honda wants to go modern, I hope they do so with a V95 Magna. I'll have my checkbook ready. Aw...I'm still gonna hump a VMax one of these days cuz I wanna see to what extent its vaunted V-Boost might surpass the V65-Rush. But here's an example of the mysterious, much acclaimed, much addicting and apparently underrated power of the V65. My bike-trip buddy bought a Suzuki B-King...with 160+ horse power. I think it's as ugley as a Halloween alien from another planet, but I was salivating over the claimed horse power. So we went out for about 100 miles, he on the B-King, me on my Magna. I couldn't help noticing that whenever he tore-ass away from a red light, I quickly caught and passed him. Whenever I tore-ass away from a light, I left him permanently far behind. Now, I really think that the B-King at 470 lbs and 160 HP has to be faster than the Magna, but when we pulled back into my garage, he got off his bike, pointed at the Magna and said...That thing is underrated. And that's exactly what I think. For the Magna's claimed horsepower, there is something mysteriously MORE about it, and you feel it when you pull the trigger.
2013-01-25 11:49:58
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