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Mercedes-benz 260 d

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Mercedes-benz 260 d relates to the amazing brand Mercedes-benz.
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«Mercedes-benz 260 d» the first serial car on which the diesel power unit was established represents. Recently to the car 75 years were executed. The given model of the car for the first time has been presented in the beginning of 1936 at the International exhibition of motorcycles and cars in Berlin. In 1940 it has been sold more than 2000 copies of the car. The car «Mercedes-benz 260 d» continued to go on roads of Germany even in 1950. mercedes-benz 260 d The car differed the significant dimensions: the wheel base makes 3050 millimeters, length – 4,55 meters, width-1,63 meter. Designers established in salon of the car 2,5 of some seats. Between forward and back numbers of passengers there were two folding seats. The quantity of passengers which can sit down in the car is made by 7 people. Also back seats could be combined, thus, back passengers could settle down comfortably in the car. However for achievement of such high parameters of comfortableness it was necessary to reduce a luggage space significantly. In a luggage space 1 suitcase could be placed only. To increase volume of a luggage space, designers have made a decision to establish an additional folding bar on which it was possible to place an additional cargo. mercedes-benz 260 d In the car «Mercedes-benz 260 d» designers established 4 cylinder diesel power unit in volume of 2,6 liters. Capacity of the engine makes 45 horsepower’s at 3200 turns in a minute. Also the engine is equipped with the fuel pump which was developed by company «Bosch». All details of the company differ high parameters of reliability and durable operation. Thus, the new fuel pump allows reducing expense of fuel significantly. Expense of fuel on 100 kilometers of a way makes 9,0 liters. The car could pass 400 kilometers. After a while, designers managed make some variations to a design of the power unit, thus, the car could to overcome on 100 kilometers more. The power unit of the car differed the innovative design. In chambers of combustion additional chambers have been established. Thus, fuel moves all over again in the additional chamber where partially burnt down, and then moves in the basic chamber of combustion. Thus, there is a uniform increase pressure of the compressed gas in the cylinder of the power unit.

mercedes-benz 260 d mercedes-benz 260 d mercedes-benz 260 d mercedes-benz 260 d
mercedes-benz 260 d mercedes-benz 260 d mercedes-benz 260 d mercedes-benz 260 d
mercedes-benz 260 d

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