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Peugeot 307

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Peugeot 307 found on brand Peugeot - 307
Peugeot 307 relates to the amazing brand Peugeot.
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Sizes - as the car is small, but it is possible fully comfortably to go five or to fit all 4 wheels in a luggage rack for a journey to the tire fitting.

Good dynamics. I do not drive so fast, ride in a stream on Moscow - engine power is enough with a supply

Does not drive away

Reliable(jambs can take place, but such that not led or did not go - it never was)

Good official dealer - here, apparently, I got luck.


Small clearance — one of the main shortcomings of the car

Inconvenient seats — periodically I change a way of landing — the back is tired at the long road. Optimum for myself I didn't find

Weak noise isolation

Rigid suspension bracket — a payment for controllability

Small lateral mirrors – I would prefer burdocks that to see all of them.

Time came to leave the car therefore decided to write a response and will share the saved up experience.

This summer I decided to replace a vehicle, made Renault Fluence 2.0 CVT order, still I wait. Already I understand that I will sell Peugeot with regret, a lot of things were together endured.

peugeot 307

The first that comes to mind — it is reliability and non-failure operation. Many at different forums prove that Pyzhi break, figs you will repair, normal dealers aren't present. Probably. But at me it developed in a different way. It was brought to any weather and temperature and quietly I went where it is necessary to me. Problems were — last winter two times well got stuck out of the blue — once simply froze in (in a night temperature strongly fell), and another time on the same day unsuccessfully parked and couldn't leave – forward wheels buried during snow. But kind people helped, extended.

There were slip-ups on reliability:

On a guarantee replaced the luggage carrier button — it froze and the lock opened each time when opening CL — was very ridiculous — as soon as someone opened a door it was necessary to run to close a luggage carrier. There was an error of the sensor of oxygen it (seems) — on cold turns skipped, amplitude reached 1000 rpm, was frightening — washed a butterfly valve, everything returned to normal. Favourite Antipollution Faulty got out all, the engine began to rumble strainedly, diagnosed ignition admissions — replaced candles (them and, however, it was time to change), washed a butterfly valve and a nozzle – everything passed. Possibly it because of gasoline. It's not clear.

Just yesterday found a leak of the back left shock-absorber on diagnostics, I will leave to the following owner (I will tell honestly).

When slip-ups happened it was unpleasant, but eliminated everything quickly – since morning gave the car on service and went to work, by the evening the car was already ready. It is good, when service nearby.

On Peugeot I endured two moving — one helped, another own, transported a lot of furniture from known Swedish shop. Very capacious car. But it is inconvenient to go at the put back seats — it is necessary to move up lobbies of sitting and to rest knees against a wheel. I carried friends and relatives — nobody complained of discomfort and narrowness. Somehow time even was necessary most to be passed on back sitting — it was pleasant.

All four wheels 15R get into a luggage carrier a row, it is necessary only to a regiment in salon to throw – I consider that very coolly. Not all so can.

peugeot 307 peugeot 307 peugeot 307 peugeot 307
peugeot 307 peugeot 307 peugeot 307 peugeot 307

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Peugeot 307

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