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Daihatsu sirion

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Daihatsu sirion found on brand Daihatsu - Sirion
Daihatsu sirion relates to the amazing brand Daihatsu.
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I bought a Daihatsu Sirion in winter this year. For me this car on the market stood out straight away. Daihatsu brand I saw for the first time. I had to overcome fear of buying the unknown car and I decided to make a choice in favor of it. Now I can say with confidence that I bought it not in vain and nothing to regret. Daihatsu behaves perfectly on the road, she is very maneuverable, and despite its small size is sufficiently capacious - in it easily can fit four people. But, in my opinion, this car has poor safety because of its size, which does not inspire good protection. Although, maybe I'm wrong. Yet another slight drawback of Daihatsu Sirion - it's a small space for the driver (especially for tall people like me) so I have to push back seat far back as possible, leaving little room to someone who sits behind. Daihatsu Sirion
The big advantage of this car are liter engine, air conditioning and automatic transmission that make comfortable to be in the car (particularly in traffic in summer), and in the urban cycle fuel consumed up to six or seven liters. Can be long to tell about maneuverability of the Sirion, but it is better one time to feel for yourself. For me the main problem with this car - is a search for spare parts. Despite the fact that the Daihatsu and constructed on the basis Toyota Duet, many details are not appropriate, and I have to look for private traders working with spare parts from Japan directly. For this reason, prices for spare parts can range from 10 to 1000 dollars. For example, for the right brake cylinder in different places I was told the price from 260 to 550 dollars.

Now we can conclude that Sirion can become an ideal city car, which combines the quality, comfort and ease of use. This machine is designed not for racing, but in order, for transport yourself and your family. I would like to see in our country more company officials Daihatsu.

  • Advantages of Daihatsu Sirion is a well spaciousness, maneuverable, good looks and low fuel consumption.
  • Its disadvantages : Searching parts and not designed for tall people.

  • daihatsu sirion daihatsu sirion daihatsu sirion daihatsu sirion
    daihatsu sirion daihatsu sirion daihatsu sirion daihatsu sirion

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