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Renault kangoo

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Renault kangoo found on brand Renault - Kangoo
Renault kangoo relates to the amazing brand Renault.
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I am not the professional driver and it is too little experience, what to compare to something but as the first impressions of a car I want to tell many kind words to this car.

I chose a car long and painfully. I wanted to kill all hares at once: and high passability, a low expense that the family and all belongings, including a carriage and the bicycle, and also potential for transportation of enough of stuff on giving and back held. Naturally, options of the various supported SUVs and all-wheel drive for daily operation of the CR-V, HR-V, RAV4 type were considered. Admired and on station wagons, but the forward drive and lowered "nose" of inspiration didn't give, there was a wish for the increased passability.

Once on a site of sales I saw the jeep image among Renault Kangoo cars, I thought that a mistake when glanced, it was surprised that there are cars with the increased passability, rather big clearance and any "the drooped nose". Having read enough of reviews of not modified Renault Kangoo and having added the advantage of the increased passability, I understood – MINE! Even some inflated price of a car didn't stop me and after a while I became the happy owner of this car.

This car just answers desire "I want that, I don't know that", the golden mean of the most various requirements of the family car, favourite house "burro" who will take away all and everything, anywhere and even will take aboard that doesn't find room in any way in a luggage carrier, without special discomfort for passengers.

Renault Kangoo

Outside the Renault Kangoo rather small also answers parameters of a city car but when the passengers who were never sitting in the similar car, take place on a chair, the enthusiastic comment "How many a place always follows! ". And it is valid — "tilt cart" with a mass of shelves for trifles, the space well gets warm in the winter regular heating system. You want to stretch and extend hands up — easily. Landing high, a transport stream is looked through easily and easy, the review — the highest class, especially with existence of a wide-angle mirror. In a family the two small children, one baby, thus holiday with comfort on the highest class, the bicycle and a big carriage all the time with itself. Several times the fifth door served as a ceiling from suddenly begun rain, under it the laid table and picnic quietly took place proceeded without special discomfort.

Viscous pools – not a barrier. The rigid suspension bracket would seem in "minus" but where "minus", there and "plus" – isn't killed and that for us the most actual, the child and passengers have no "seasickness". At the same time, shortcomings on which the attention distracts are present — an insufficient noise isolation of the case and a little raised in comparison with expected fuel consumption, about 11-12 l at the city. Maybe lack of experience of long driving still affects.

renault kangoo renault kangoo renault kangoo renault kangoo
renault kangoo renault kangoo renault kangoo renault kangoo

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Hello how are you? I am writing from Argentina, I have transportation for people with disabilities and am interested in the photo kangoo or send me information on how this system can be adapted ramp from already thank you very much. Greetings Guillermo.
2013-10-01 18:04:44
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Renault kangoo

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