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Ford fiesta

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Ford fiesta relates to the amazing brand Ford.
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Good day to all those who love cars! It happened in my life, that one night I decided to buy a Ford Fiesta :) The machine was bought as a gift to my wife and myself at the time I was waiting for another car, but since it was not there, I had to ride Ford Fiesta.

Volume of engine the car was 1.25 liters and had 82 horsepower. Wife, unfortunately, did not like the Fiesta and I had to sell the car, but the experience left her very best. Until now, when I see on the street Fiesta, the heart begins beating more and more often, my heart is at once sad. Maybe because now I go Chevrolet Cruze, and perhaps because the Fiesta - a wonderful machine.

In fact, to operate this machine was a pleasure. Worth noting, only on good roads. Such good steering, like this little girl, I have not seen a single car. Machine like cards, like a toy. But, as it turned out later, it's a big plus when the person is able to drive. My wife was hard to deal with such sensitive wheel, and I was getting pleasure from this. Vehicle suspension is comparable with the steering, the car was unfolding, does not roll on corners, although there is a price rigidity, which led to the breakdown.

Ford Fiesta

Look of the car is fascinating, car looked very small, but the cabin was all different. Me and my growth 192 cm fits perfectly in it, I would have said that I was comfortable. Behind me could fit medium build with no problems. What else is happy, it's cabin width and chic at the door 3-door body. The materials from which the interior was made, were not cheap. Plastic panel was more like rubber than plastic, it was so soft. Ergonomics is a very sound, well, except that only the main beam was unusual. The first 2 weeks, I have found a lot of pleasant things in forethought car. Immediately after the sale Ford Fiesta, I bought Chevrolet Cruze. I missed the Fiesta after bought poor Cruise, who just surprised me errors in ergonomics.

Engine size 1.25 was enough to ride, but I note that it is not enough to feel confident when I bought Cruze after the Fiesta that I bought a tractor with a jet engine, just a rocket. Consumption on the highway from Ford at a speed of about 90 km / h was about 5 liters, but if you go 120-140, then very rapidly. Maximum clocked his swallow up to 170 km \ h, I think that we should not talk about the fact that I did not feel uncomfortable. Still, on the basis of the fiesta, the company produces the Ford sports cars.

Trunk for a car of this class, if you believe the media, it is quite decent. But I miss him. Sometimes we had to put something in the interior. In general, about the practicality of the fiesta will not write. This machine is not for trips to nature and not to carry a lot of baggage. This is a car for those who know how to ride a front wheel drive cars and get pleasure from it. Manual transmission for the fiesta is so good that I did not care about not having taken the automatic transmission. I would also say that the machine is ideal for European countries, or any other place where there is an excellent road.

Also worth noting good sound proofing for Ford, quieter second Focus. And it is very convenient system of charging Ford Easy Fuel, no cover on the filler neck.

Well, that's all that remember this car. If you take an engine with 1.6, it will be the bomb, not the car :)

ford fiesta ford fiesta ford fiesta ford fiesta
ford fiesta ford fiesta ford fiesta ford fiesta

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sergio fraga socorro I don't like those desig they abuse of the curve linesf the curvelines
2013-04-03 16:53:27
sergio fraga socorro I don't like those desig they abuse of the curve linesf the curvelines
2013-04-03 17:11:58
Luke McCotter I think the fiesta MK4 is nice but the fiesta mk8 the eco boast and it is better as the st version cos it just looks crap standard
2013-04-30 06:44:20
Bongiwe Ngwenya this car is everything in my life its just that I'm not sure about the insides but its wuw, mostly the merrin and silver colour
2013-08-16 03:53:39
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Ford fiesta

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