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Expensive to service;


Good day!

I would like to share your thoughts about Honda Civic. I bought this car, not because I am a fan of Honda and especially Honda Civic, but because at that time I needed a car, and just turned up a good option to buy a used car from a year-old friend of my friend. The car was in perfect condition, and just want to say that the price was below market. Machine the year 2007, that is, the last car, which was collected in Japan for the Russian market (after all, in 2008, began to assemble cars in Turkey).

The car was fully loaded: the engine all the same Honda Civic, engine capacity 1.8, power 140l / s, automatic transmission (5-speed).

First I want to talk about the shortcomings of the car, in my opinion: too low and has poor visibility. If the seat is lifted completely, it is not visible any bonnet or pits (and if you find yourself in heavy traffic, such as in Moscow). Like all Japanese cars thin metal and not paint. There was a dent on the hood after being hit by a small stone. As for me, I think the suspension is stiff. The gear shift does not like me, is very sharp. Noise insulation is poor. Since I have is more sports tires, the noise is very strong, not even hear the music. In case of favorable weather conditions, the hood of the car is always dirty. There is no handle to close the trunk.

honda-civic Even among the disadvantages is a very high price for car service from authorized dealers (I wonder why the government does not regulate the pricing policy?), In connection with the guarantee of the service, I'm not worried about it.

Now talk about the merits of the car. Most importantly, I want to note that for the entire period of operation, there was no damage, and I ride a lot. The salon is very convenient, high-quality suede, clean it easy and fun, the cabin of my car is not even a single spot, which would have been impossible to remove. Dashboard I really like, not annoying (in my opinion, the red light is 100 times worse). Favorite in the car, because the steering wheel, and I want to tear off and install in my other car. More enjoyable by the fact that the floor of the passenger, which are located in the back seat, even.

Now on to such parameters as fuel consumption. Gasoline consumption in the city Moscow is 11.7 liters. Oil consumption worthy. I change it every 15,000 miles. As for the wheelbase, the distance between the front and rear wheels is greater than that of all the golf class. In this connection, to call on the serpentine road in parking lots used to it was uncomfortable. In winter, it is a pleasure to drive, the plant at all times. Steering is very sensitive. If we compare with Octavia, it is on the road are worse

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honda civic honda civic honda civic honda civic

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Honda civic

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