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Nissan tiida

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Nissan tiida relates to the amazing brand Nissan.
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We have the Nissan «Tiida» , with the manual transmission, 1.6 engine, hatchback, with the Elegance station equipment. There weren’t any problems with the choice, because my friend is a manager in the «Nissan and Co». Also he is one of the official dealers and requirements for cars were very simple - inexpensive, reliable, “workhorse” for every day. With all sorts of discounts and bonuses car cost me for about 570 thousand rubles, competitors in a comparable configuration in 2010 were worth far 600 000 thousand rubles. Now I'll try to objectively assess my previous car Hyundai ay 30 and the Ford Focus 2.

I have to say that the appearance of this machine made a lot of both negative and both positive emotions. As for me, I definitely hatch much in pole position, than the sedan, the front is quite normal, but the back part, of course, to the same Peugeot 308 clearly does not hold, we would like to visually expand a little. Sedan frankly like inflated anabolic Logan. A fairly big problem is the sensitive windshield. After the first winter with regular cleansers (caretakers) appeared a lot of small scratches of unknown origin, although in the previous Hyundai ay 30 was nothing like this.

The interior and space: Nissan is the plastic front panel a little tougher than the Hyundai, lighting partings one on Nissan better, white-orange against the blue poison. There is unrivaled trick here. But one significant drawback - no pointer to the Nissan engine temperature, but in the Moscow traffic jams is really annoying. The expanses of the cabin, to be honest, in this class there is little competition, and compare with the focus, and with Hyundai, Corolla, Qashqai and many others.

nissan tiida

Safety - even in the basic version has a 4-D bags, as well as ABC, condos, my complete fog lights, side. Quite a comfort level (machine is mainly used on the route Moscow - Tula is not good at Simferopol highway in Tula region), joints and with no problems, so landing is quite high, which allows to predict the traffic situation on several situations ahead.

Average speed of the machine is well within the 120-130 km / h on the highway Simferopol, Moscow Ring Road , due to relatively high sail machine has to catch that special feeling after overtaking heavy trucks to overtake - silence, all super. After overtaking a sharp blow to the RIGHT has to catch the wheel, but I note that not always, but at a fairly strong side winds. But some of forum followers wrote that the average (cruising) speed of 140-160 on the highway. It causes one to smile, the average speed still 120 km / h Furthermore, Hyundai and focus have independent rear suspension bow thrusters, so handling these cars are much more effective.

Reliability: in my particular case, it is manual transmission. On the first and third gear feels pretty strong first (no other way to say), the impressions were that you are going to the ancient field of the murdered track (certainly not so much, but the emotions ...). The desire to went on these programs is lost, immediately try to quickly switch (if available), and AJ Focus 30 does not allow this at all. The main advice ...I sure you would not guess - make music louder and relax ... So do I. Mainly, this car is the usual family car with enough ground clearance and good storage capacity.

nissan tiida nissan tiida nissan tiida nissan tiida
nissan tiida nissan tiida nissan tiida nissan tiida

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Nissan tiida

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