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Hello, the most important visitor of our site!

We made our website exactly for you. Our target is to create the best automobile site in the world. To create it exactly for you!

We are very small team, but we work very hard. And we will be happy, if our work will be done not for nothing. And it will be brilliant, if you would like to join our team, to make this world better.

Now let's introduce those, who already work with us :)

This is Alex, he is a student and he got the idea of We call him Lord-Creator. He is the man, who have collected whole team, and inspired them by idea, that makes them want to work 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Alex - our ideologist, inspirator and leader of our team.

This is John, the first person, whom Alex have shared his idea. John is programmer. And he started to create the first version of the same day. He have just two passions - cars and programming. This properties and Alex's shining eyes helped John to fall in love with project and work really all time. Sometimes we were amazed how few a man can sleep to start the project faster. John is a technical brain of our team and an example of real hardworking.

This is Max. Max searches for information and work with content for There is not much content for now, but we work on it, and you will see anything soon, in next version of project :) Max is a reasonableness of our team. Pretty often, some mad idea comes to our heads and we rush to create it, but Max stops us and says: “Guys, this is great idea, but you forgot a couple of things”. And, bloody hell, this helps us not to do make a lot of needless job. Also he writes awesome articles!

This is Alice, she is in the project by a chance. She had heard discussion of new fuctionality for between Alex and John, while walking on the street. She just came and said, that she wants to work in this project. Did you get it? Unfamiliar girl came and told that this is great project and she wants to work in it. We were stunned that moment. Just said something like “Ok. Lets start the job.”. Alice works with content, and she is responsible for work with moderators, hiring and teaching. So, if you want to join us as moderator - you will have a deal with Alice :). Alice is an tornado of energy and diligence, she always have a lot of ideas and she makes us into fun and work mood.