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The cargo vehicle Tatra-148 was issued in Czechoslovakia from 1972 to 1982. The car was modification of the previous Tatra-138 series. The increase in engine capacity, reliability, speed and ecological requirements a?? reduction of number of harmful emissions in the atmosphere and decrease in noise level was the main differences. At that time in all Europe began to turn attention to production ecology. Sufficiently producers of the Tatra-148 car managed it. The number of harmful emissions in the atmosphere decreased and the car published much less noise.A 

From 1969 to 1982 113647 machines of Tatra-148 family were issued that considerably exceeded production volume of former series. In 1972 6328 machines, and in 1982 - 14128 were issued. The USSR where managed to prove well Tatra-111 and Tatra-138 appeared the main buyer. Deliveries with the USSR increased from 1351 units in 1972 to 4305 in 1982. By results of operation in the USSRA ArktikA modification was developed.A 

Based on Tatra-148 the following special machines were made: the dump truck with unilateral unloading of Tatra-148S-1; the dump truck with tripartite unloading of Tatra-148S-3;A 

AD-070, AD-160 truck cranes (with a telescopic arrow), productionA CKDA Praha AD-20;A 

excavators D-031a, D-032a, UDS-110a and UDS-113a (both is with a telescopic arrow)A PodpolianskeA strojarneA plant productions; various construction machines.A 

Appearance of the car was typical for trucks of that time a?? a powerful cowl, round headlights on big wings. The cabin contained three people, in it was spacious and comfortably to the driver and workers. On doors of a cabin convenient niches for tools were located.A 

As the power engine on Tatra-148 the 8-cylinder diesel engine, was used by amount of 12.7 l. This engine is capable to make to 810 Nanometers of a torque that was the then very good. Load-carrying capacity ofA TatraA T148 makes 16 tons. This car was remembered by exclusive reliability and endurance. 

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