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Who is better on the road - Ferrari F40 or the Lamborghini Diablo?
Who is better on the road - Ferrari F40 or the Lamborghini Diablo?

Here is the $1,255,000, which is better between the unearthly and unruly Italian street eaters racing the same racetrack in Miami?

Joey Browner, Minnesota Vikings safety described the full impact collision as a speeding train moving up your spinal column and coming out of the ear cavities, in the NFL. This is very much the same sensation that you experience when you push the pedal down on the Lamborghini Diablo or Ferrari F40 while speeding on the Interstate95 at 11.30AM. You feel like having horse flies buzzing inside your brain.

 Log book reads:  ignited both the turbos of the F40 and slide to the second gear and you are twisting the steering wheel desperately trying to hold on and it is like riding a rampaging bull or sitting on top of a rocket-propelled grenade. When you move the redline to 7000 rpm your head snaps and jolts and with each uplift you feel this seismic shudders and thwacks.  Your eyes are wide open; you are gulping for breath and could importantly judge the overtaking speed wrongly.

Well, we had both the F40 and the Diablo at the same time and same place which are the megastars of speed and momentum calculated Sant’Agata, Bolognese and Maranello. These are the cars which look like Scud missiles balanced on a pinhead. The thing actually we want to know about is which one is better for the streets and which is the faster vehicle on racing tracks.


Both are almost the same with the ability to take some part out of the asphalt, and their power output is almost identical with 485 hp for Diablo and 478 for the Ferrari F40. The torque figures read as 428 lb-ft and 424 lb-ft respectively.  Both the supercars make the 0-60 mark in 4.5 seconds and both clock twelve seconds for the quarter mile speeding at 120 mph.

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