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2015 BMW M3 DCT Automatic, it pretty quick and cheaper too
2015 BMW M3 DCT Automatic, it pretty quick and cheaper too

It is quite reasonable to say that the F80 M3 of the current model is the chosen one by BMW to make it as the fully armed version, which has progressed through the generations of E30, D36, E46, and E90.  This car is going to be the expression of the BMW brand’s ultimate engineering might and technologies. The criteria involve aspects like speed and handling and also the car’s capability of  mind blowing performance and no doubt whatsoever that this M3 equipped with the DCT is going to be the summit of the BMW lineage.

The car has amazing figures to show its ability and it goes to 60mph from rest and takes only 3.8 seconds. The 0-100mph is done at a catering 8.5 seconds. What about the quarter mile mark? It takes it on in 12.0 seconds at a fiery speed of 119mph.  How about stopping?  The vehicle is the boss and does   it with 153 feet from 70-0 mph.  The skidpad grip figure is 0.99g for the M3. The mentioned figures here are for a car which is placed one rung under in terms of cars costing three   or four times more. The 30-50mph timing of 1.9 seconds is parallel to that of the Lamborghini Huracan. The M3 also has great mid-range thrust. However we are not reporting these stats with the whole lot of glee, and at the same it is not termed as not breathtaking.  It also feels special, and the only issue with the M3 is that it does all these things without much involving the joy it used to offer before.

The M3 has been fully digitalized which can be illustrated by its nine chassis settings, for Powertrain, steering and suspension-three each- and another six transmission mode to this automatic model. Several other stability control programs have also been inducted here.  All these mutations are required to claim the targeted numbers.

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