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Public road testing for Google Self-Driving Car starting this summer in California
Public road testing for Google Self-Driving Car starting this summer in California

Google after testing its koala-like auto piloting pod for months is now ready to release it. The giant from Silicon Valley had announced today in a blog post, that the bubble-mobile with the self-driving capability will be seen on the streets this summer in California, Mountain View.   

 For safety a human driver will accompany the auto driving car which is the next step  on Google’s menu, and assured  that  in the next  phase there will be a human driver in the pod with a removable accelerator pedal, brake pedal and steering wheel that would enable the  accompanying driver to take over when the need arrives.   It is very much necessary for Google to get all the available control inputs since the invention of vehicles because after successful testing, Google will expect it vehicles to drive without the assistance of the steering wheel or the brake pedal.

 The technology giant explained that the test vehicle fleet is running on the same auto piloting software that is being used in the traditional appearing Lexus RX450h self-driving SUVs. Nearly a million miles have been logged by those auto piloting vehicles without the assistance of human since the project was commenced said Google. Testing under real-world conditions will help the engineering team to improve the software’s response at times of unexpected events.

For example, where the car will stop if it does not stop at the destined place owing to congestion or construction? Another important thing that the company wishes to observe is the human response and interaction to these autonomously driving vehicles. Well, Google makes it appear unassuming surely enough. Here is a reminder as well as a warning for you:  in this summer if   you happen to be in Mountain View, California, and sight the Google’s bubble shaped pod heading towards you, better give a clear birth to it.

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